Triple Complex Sleep Tonic

Sleep TonicTriple Complex Sleep Tonic is a natural homeopathic solution that will help to increase drowsiness for better sleep and decrease the sleeplessness found with insomnia and other sleep related issues.

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Sleep is critical to one’s overall health and well-being. If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep related issues, you know how horrible not getting enough sleep can make you feel!

Benefits of Triple Complex Sleep Tonic:

  • decreases sleeplessness connected with insomnia and other sleep issues
  • aids to enhance drowsiness so you can fall asleep faster
  • helps to alleviate minor stress and tension
  • helps to restore, rejuvenate and balance general health and well-being through sleep that is restful and consistent
  • sustains the everyday equilibrium of cell salts found within the body
  • brings balance to the hormones associate with healthy sleep patterns

Natural Ingredients Found in Triple Complex Sleep Tonic:

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

Mag phos (6X)

  • a tissue salt which occurs naturally on a cellular level within the body
  • magnesium is a vital mineral that is used in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body – one of these important reactions is to help create one of several hormones required for controlling sleep regulation
  • a nutrient that is good for muscle and nerve fibers – a primary component of nerves, muscles, blood and brain corpuscles
  • mixes water and albumin to create a fluid that supports, nurtures and nourishes the white nerve fibers within the nervous system
  • suitable for all ages including small babies

Calc phos (6X)

  • typically recommended along with Calc sulph for temporary sleeplessness, particularly common in elderly people or due to issues involving worry or stress
  • critical to the body’s nutrition process from assimilation, digestion, cell growth through to energy expenditure
  • a primary mineral element found in every fluid, tissue and structure of the body except within connective tissue
  • naturally found in teeth, bone, teeth, digestive juices and connective tissues

Calc sulph (6X)

  • assists to bring back regular sleep patterns and restore general well-being
  • aids in the cleansing procedure of the body
  • component of the skin and blood
  • mineral element found in the liver – an organ responsible for taking waste products away from the tissues and blood stream of the body to purify and cleanse
  • vital because a buildup of toxins in the blood can endanger feelings of wellness, resulting in moodiness, irritability and temporary sleep issues

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic is a natural remedy that is safe, non-addictive and 100% homeopathic in the ingredients that are used to help restore your body through natural sleep cycles.

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You owe it to yourself to give your body the rest and rejuvenation you deserve through normal nights of uninterrupted sleep. Take that first step in ordering your Sleep Tonic today!


BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD

BrightSparkBrightSpark for ADD and ADHD is a homeopathic solution for relieving impulsiveness, distractibility and hyperactivity in children with attention issues such as those due to ADD and ADHD.

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Natural homeopathic remedies are a great solution for helping your children without compromising health due to medications and other methods for controlling hyperactivity.

Benefits of BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD:

  • enhances concentration in children so that they can have an easier time with focus
  • helps to enhance one’s general demeanor and create a more balanced mood overall
  • helps to calm children with ADD, ADHD and children who have hyperactivity and issues with paying attention
  • decreases behavioral issues which are particularly critical in social situations and general public outings
  • lessens impulsive, erratic and attention-seeking tendencies in behavior
  • helps to eliminate or reduce involuntary noises, twitching and spasms in individuals of all ages
  • tablets work fast, taste pleasant enough for children and dissolve quickly in the mouth

Natural Ingredients Found in BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD:

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

Arsen iod (30C)

  • helps to create balance during temper tantrums
  • helps to alleviate feelings of annoyance when confronted with day-to-day frustrations

Hyoscyamus (30C)

  • known to help eliminate symptoms of general disruptive behavior, over-excitability and restlessness in children who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD
  • may also help to bring general relief from sudden outbursts and involuntary twitching or other disruptive physical reactions to negative events
  • also has some known benefits with assisting people who have a tendency for unruly or inappropriate behavior

Tuberculinum (30C)

  • originally used to help relieve allergy-related symptoms
  • may be effective in soothing irritability and for those with a disposition who get easily flustered and upset with day-to-day frustrating circumstances
  • best matched with people who have personalities that seem to need continuous stimulation and activity
  • can help alleviate destructive discontent, anger, irritability and a sense of disillusionment

Verta alb (30C)

  • known to help calm nerves and emotional instability in people who have a tendency with inner conflicts and turmoil
  • BrightSpark ADD or BrightSpark ADHD is often recommended for hyperactive children or for those who have a tendency to be restless and critical

Use BrightSpark to help keep your child alert, calm and focused.

For best results and fast relief, BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD should be taken at the first sign of impulsive, erratic and attention–seeking behavior in your child.

BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD has been formulated specifically for children by the clinical psychologist of Native Remedies and it is a known registered OTC homeopathic remedy.

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*BrightSpark utilizes ingredients that are 100% homeopathic which means it is absolutely safe and non–addictive for your children.


Triple Complex Nerve Tonic

Nerve TonicNative Remedies’ Triple Complex Nerve Tonic is a homeopathic and natural solution for relieving the effects of nervous tension, worry and stress.

Additionally Nerve Tonic helps to support and promote nervous system health in general so taking this natural product can help in relieving general feeling of overwhelm and worry on a day-to-day basis.

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Benefits of Triple Complex Nerve Tonic:

  • helps to reduce the harmful and debilitating effects of worry, tension and stress
  • helps to calm and alleviate anxiety and frazzled nerves caused by a variety of situations
  • helps to soothe regular everyday nervous tension
  • helps to cause and support systemic balance on a cellular level
  • helps to support a naturally balanced mood and calm spirit
  • tablets are dissolvable, pleasant to taste and very easy to ingest
  • Nerve Tonic is safe for both children and adults
  • Nerve Tonic is also safe to take during pregnancy and while nursing

Natural Ingredients Found in Triple Complex Nerve Tonic:

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

Mag phos (6X)

  • known for being a popular homeopathic painkiller
  • used for great general benefit to the overall health of the nerves
  • acts to aid as a muscle and nerve relaxant as it is a natural anti-spasmodic solution
  • commonly recommended for headaches caused by stress and tension

Ferrum phos (6X)

  • homeopathic and natural biochemic tissue salt which helps to support the absorption of iron within the body
  • regular use of Ferrum phos can help to prevent headaches, restlessness and dizziness
  • individuals who have a tendency to feel tense, irritable and tired on a regular basis really benefit from taking this natural solution

Kali phos (6X)

  • most well-known and widely recommended tissue salt for helping to soothe distress and worry
  • homeopathic nerve and brain and tonic as well as an amazing general nutrient for the nerves
  • When used on a regular basis, it can help soothe typical nervous tension and the stress that every day living can cause while uplifting the overall spirit and mood of an individual who might otherwise feel overwhelmed.

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Triple Complex Nerve Tonic is 100% safe and non–addictive. This natural solution contains homeopathic ingredients that are specifically chosen to help soothe and eliminate the harmful effects of worry, stress and nervous tension.


PureCalm Reviews

PureCalmPureCalm Reviews are in for this herbal anxiety solution that is used to calm nervousness, fear, worry, stress, apprehension and uneasiness.

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Visit the site by clicking the link to read PureCalm reviews and testimonials by many people that are currently using this herbal anxiety remedy with great success.

PureCalm is non-addictive and formulated by a clinical psychologists to be 100% safe for use by both children and adults.

Benefits of PureCalm:

  • Experience greater overall feelings of well-being, satisfaction and contentment.
  • Works fast! – Feel your mood changing and calming down within minutes of taking PureCalm.
  • Helps to calm and eliminate symptoms due to stress
  • Use PureCalm to help your emotional well-being to feel more balanced during particularly tense and high pressured situations.
  • Nervous tension is soothed quickly.
  • Helps to support total nervous system health
  • The PureCalm formula is a concentrated tincture that is fast acting, safe and easy to administer.

Both children and adults experience anxiety and stress at different critical moments in life. Don’t let these difficulties overcome you and leave you feeling anxious when you can experience the almost instant effects of using PureCalm to soothe your anxieties and nerves.

Typical anxiety inducing situations that PureCalm can help to overcome include:

  • job interviews
  • deadlines
  • tests
  • school competitions
  • sports events
  • public speaking
  • other social gatherings

If you or your child experiences high levels of anxiety caused by these or similar situations, PureCalm is just the safe and reliable remedy to help ease that burden.

PureCalm Reviews: The Natural Ingredients

Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia):

  • active ingredients include:  volatile oil, tannins, triterpenoids, flavonoids and coumarins
  • herb known for its great tonic to support the nervous system as well as its general soothing properties

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata):

  • regarded very highly by herbal specialists for its nerve tonic and abilities to soothe and calm
  • well known as a natural helping solution to calm the nerves

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis):

  • has been studied for the benefits it imparts on the nervous system

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Native Remedies’ PureCalm has been developed utilizing the company’s Full Spectrum Approach™ (FSA). The FSA is a complete set of processes and standards that merges lab-tested, high quality, raw ingredients along with the best in manufacturing procedures and method to assure that their products are of the highest quality and effectiveness.


MindSoothe Reviews

MindSoothe_ReviewsMindSoothe Reviews are in and this natural herbal remedy is helping many people to ease anxiety and stress in their lives.

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NativeRemedies is so confident that their products will help you that they offer you a full year to decide for yourself. Absolutely nothing to lose!

Let MindSoothe help you to stop feeling sad and stressed out!

Benefits of MindSoothe:

  • Reduces feelings of sadness that can make you feel down on a daily basis
  • Helps to lesson common premenstrual and menstrual feelings of depression
  • Helps to support a balanced appetite that is healthy
  • Helps to maintain sleep patterns that are healthy and allow you to get the much needed sleep that you need
  • Reinforces psychological well-being and overall general health
  • Helps to support your positive mental attitude which can make a huge difference in your day-to-day living
  • Helps to maintain a positive outlook and temperament
  • Helps to support the overall nervous system of the body
  • Reinforces a generally good and healthy attitude that will help to keep you motivated

MindSoothe Reviews: The Natural Ingredients Found Within

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata):

  • active ingredients include:  saparin, cyanogenic glycosides, flavonoids and alkaloids
  • herb known for its moderating and soothing characteristics

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum):

  • active ingredients include:  tannins, volatile oils, glycosides, resins, and flavonoids
  • herb known for its supportive qualities when it comes to a safe way to maintain mental health, equilibrium and an overall balanced mood
  • also known for supporting a steady mood during the premenstrual and menstrual cycles

Native Remedies’ MindSoothe has been developed utilizing the company’s Full Spectrum Approach™ (FSA). The FSA is a complete set of processes and standards that merges lab-tested, high quality, raw ingredients along with the best in manufacturing procedures and method to assure that their products are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Click here to order today and give MindSoothe a try completely risk free with the 1 Year No Questions Asked Guarantee.

**MindSoothe contains no animal products, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or gluten. This product is suitable for lacto-vegetarians and MindSoothe is not tested on animals.

You should be able to see noticeable results with MindSoothe within only 3-5 weeks of normal use although some people report great results much sooner! Also note that MindSoothe is a safe natural product and is not addictive.


What is Stress?

Our body has constantly been assaulted by stress, however we have just lately changed our focus on researching the particular reasons as well as results of tension throughout everyday life. Many scientist are focused on the question, what is stress?

The body of medicine and psychological research dedicated to the topic goes back more than 70 years to the 1930s when Dr. Hans Selye, an Austrian-born researcher doing work at McGill University in Canada, very first noticed as well as recorded the consequences associated with physical stress upon living animals.

Acknowledged with determining the modern day idea of stress, Selye started submitting his very first research document about the subject in 1936.  He continued in making the study of stress his life’s work, recording results brought on by both physical and psychological elements as well as developing a single concept associated with stress, and finally turning out to be president of the International Institute of Stress at the University of Montreal.

Selye started his research by making bodily stress within lab rodents, initially by inserting them with unusual ingredients or poisons, and observing the alterations activated. With time, he determined an entire system of physiological reactions towards the problems he had been impacting upon his subjects.  As his investigation advanced, Selye realized that some other mammals, in addition to human beings, possess comparable bodily reactions to stress.  He named these types of responses adaptation, and he mentioned that the long-range effect associated with tension upon physical systems is basically exactly the same regardless of whether the actual stress is activated with a contaminant, because of injury, or is mental in origin.

A main finding of Selye’s had been that a bodily stress factor or even the belief of the risk generates neurochemical and hormonal reactions in the body (the two components of the fight-or-flight stress response) will mobilize the body’s options to manage the situation.  He named this very first phase associated with stress the alarm stage, characterized by such bodily changes as quickened heart rhythm, fast breathing, slowed down digestive function, elevated sugar moving within blood serum, and reduced fat assimilation.

The 2nd phase associated with more lengthy contact with stress he called the resistance stage.  With this phase, your body gets used to the existence of the actual stress factor as well as body systems remaining in a raised condition of arousal, introducing their own safeguarding to manage the actual danger.  When the bodily problem or psychological threat isn’t effectively fulfilled or doesn’t relieve throughout the alarm or resistance cycle, the body can’t go back to circumstances associated with rest and it continues to be stressed and a 3rd phase associated with tiredness arises.  With this phase, the stress response system will go askew; physical resources are usually exhausted and the body is not able to preserve a high degree of preparedness.  Sickness as well as loss of life might result in the event that stress continues.

We hope that this article helps you to answer the age old question, what is stress?

Now that you know what stress is, hopefully you can take the proper steps to reduce the amounts of stress in your own daily living.