Triple Complex Brain Tonic Herbal Brain Supplement

MindSoothe_ReviewsNative Remedies Triple Complex Brain Tonic is an herbal brain supplement that has been created to help combat forgetfulness and mental fatigue and increase one’s memory, focus and overall alertness.

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Triple Complex Brain Tonic is a non-addictive, safe and natural brain supplement that is made up of ingredients that are 100% homeopathic in nature.

Designed to relieve symptoms of forgetfulness and improve brain functioning.

Benefits of Triple Complex Brain Tonic Herbal Brain Supplement:

  • Helps to lessen the effects of mental fatigue and reduce forgetfulness
  • Experience an increase in your overall feelings of alertness
  • Enhances your memory abilities, concentration and focus
  • Increases blood flow to your brain
  • Lessons headache frequency
  • Helps to support and maintain systemic balance on a cellular level throughout the body
  • Relief is fast-acting
  • Offers sustained support within your body’s functions and systems
  • Safe and non-addictive for all ages
  • Safe for women who are nursing or pregnant

Natural Ingredients Found in Triple Complex Brain Tonic Herbal Brain Supplement:

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

Calc phos (6X)

  • Biochemic tissue salt that helps the body in its natural operation of generating new cells
  • Great general tonic for people of all ages

Kali phos (6X) (derived from potassium phosphate)

  • Biochemic tissue salt and a natural part of all the fluids within one’s body
  • Behaves as a nerve nutrient and is present naturally in all of the nerve tissues and brain cells
  • Great natural calming agent and overall nerve tonic
  • Aids in the prevention of headaches, lessens edginess and helps to soothe nerves
  • Supports a healthy nervous system and brain
  • Known for its effect on helping to relieve occasional nervous tension in the body which therefore reduces the negative effects that stress can have on the brain

Natrium muriaticum (6X) (derived from sodium chloride and also called Nat mur)

  • Tissue salt that functions to support the maintenance of the body’s water balance by controlling the flow of water in and out of the cells throughout the body
  • This means that brain cellular health is supported due to effective nutrition, oxygen and blood supply to each cell in the brain.
  • Gently and naturally flushes the system while hydrating the various tissues which therefore assist the body in the process of the removal of toxins which may affect one’s brain functioning
  • May be safely used in low salt diets because of the special manufacturing process of tissue salts which are not to be confused with salt.

Do you feel like you are suffering from mental fatigue and forgetfulness? Why not give the brain supplement, Triple Complex Brain Tonic a try so that you can feel the effects of being more alert and focused in YOUR day-to-day living?

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Though response times do vary,  some people experience general feelings of increased wellness within days of taking the Triple Complex Brain Tonic.  Don’t delay your feeling of great health any longer…get started today.

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