Stop Nightmares, Night Terrors and Other Toddler Sleep Problems with Bad Dream Sprinkles

Bad Dream Sprinkles for Toddler Sleep ProblemsIs your child suffering from toddler sleep problems?

Bad Dream Sprinkles is a natural remedy that helps to stop nightmares and relieve the anxiety caused by night terrors in children.

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If you are a parent, you know how important it is for your child to get that much needed healthy rest throughout the night.

Bad Dream Sprinkles can help your child to get that restorative sleep that he or she needs to be able to function at an optimal level throughout the day.

Benefits to Using Bad Dream Sprinkles to Help Eliminate Toddler Sleep Problems, Stop Nightmares and Night Terrors in Children:

  • Helps to greatly reduce insecurity and fear among children who are afraid to go to sleep at night to eliminate anxiety
  • Supports and encourages healthy sleep patterns, including the much needed REM sleep that helps one to feel rested and revitalized
  • Brings calmness when your child is feeling emotional
  • Encourages peaceful sleep filled nights with sweet dreams

Natural Ingredients Found in Bad Dream Sprinkles to Help Stop Nightmares and Night Terrors in Children:

Sucrose (inactive ingredient)

Aconite (30C)

  • traditionally utilized when immediate assistance is needed

Chamomilla (3X)

  • relaxation tonic for the nervous system
  • helps to support and maintain restful, healthy sleep patterns
  • especially effective for nighttime use
  • clinical studies support the advantages of this natural ingredient

Kali phos (6C)

  • biochemic tissue salt that is popular for its positive benefits on the nervous system

Passiflora (3X)

  • ideal for use by individuals who are inclined to get bothered and flustered easily when faced with stressful situations

Nat sulph (6C)

  • effective and gentle biochemic tissue salt
  • particularly suited to children
  • helps to maintain normal feelings of general well-being, confidence and overall security

Bad Dream Sprinkles is 100% safe, effective and non-addictive – the perfect natural solution for young children!

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Parents hate to see their children facing nightmares or night terrors and we want to get you the toddler sleep problem help you need right away.

Stop nightmares and night terrors in children with an easy dose of Bed Dream Sprinkles which works very quickly in most children.

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