BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD

BrightSparkBrightSpark for ADD and ADHD is a homeopathic solution for relieving impulsiveness, distractibility and hyperactivity in children with attention issues such as those due to ADD and ADHD.

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Natural homeopathic remedies are a great solution for helping your children without compromising health due to medications and other methods for controlling hyperactivity.

Benefits of BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD:

  • enhances concentration in children so that they can have an easier time with focus
  • helps to enhance one’s general demeanor and create a more balanced mood overall
  • helps to calm children with ADD, ADHD and children who have hyperactivity and issues with paying attention
  • decreases behavioral issues which are particularly critical in social situations and general public outings
  • lessens impulsive, erratic and attention-seeking tendencies in behavior
  • helps to eliminate or reduce involuntary noises, twitching and spasms in individuals of all ages
  • tablets work fast, taste pleasant enough for children and dissolve quickly in the mouth

Natural Ingredients Found in BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD:

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

Arsen iod (30C)

  • helps to create balance during temper tantrums
  • helps to alleviate feelings of annoyance when confronted with day-to-day frustrations

Hyoscyamus (30C)

  • known to help eliminate symptoms of general disruptive behavior, over-excitability and restlessness in children who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD
  • may also help to bring general relief from sudden outbursts and involuntary twitching or other disruptive physical reactions to negative events
  • also has some known benefits with assisting people who have a tendency for unruly or inappropriate behavior

Tuberculinum (30C)

  • originally used to help relieve allergy-related symptoms
  • may be effective in soothing irritability and for those with a disposition who get easily flustered and upset with day-to-day frustrating circumstances
  • best matched with people who have personalities that seem to need continuous stimulation and activity
  • can help alleviate destructive discontent, anger, irritability and a sense of disillusionment

Verta alb (30C)

  • known to help calm nerves and emotional instability in people who have a tendency with inner conflicts and turmoil
  • BrightSpark ADD or BrightSpark ADHD is often recommended for hyperactive children or for those who have a tendency to be restless and critical

Use BrightSpark to help keep your child alert, calm and focused.

For best results and fast relief, BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD should be taken at the first sign of impulsive, erratic and attention–seeking behavior in your child.

BrightSpark for ADD and ADHD has been formulated specifically for children by the clinical psychologist of Native Remedies and it is a known registered OTC homeopathic remedy.

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*BrightSpark utilizes ingredients that are 100% homeopathic which means it is absolutely safe and non–addictive for your children.

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